January 16, 2012

Compliance matrix introduction - E-9

Establish for the customer the requirements conformity status

A. Scope

The Requirement Compliance Matrix is a file for recording the results of the analysis conducted by the project team on compliance with the requirements the project must meet.

In particular, it provides the means for the project to show its Customer how it is complying with Customer-applicable requirements.

It is one of the activities provided for in the project's Requirement Management Plan for controlling project requirements.

B. Fundamentals

Specifications are identified in the matrix by their name and version.

This matrix is drawn up using the following elements:

  • the requirement compliance matrix form (see MF-4),
  • the levels of compliance with requirements, extracted from the project's qualification file (see E-13), which may itself be based on supplier qualification files.


C. Typical content

Each line in the table corresponds to a requirement.

Requirements are identified by their ID (Identifier) and version (columns 1 and 2).

Note: requirement versions. Specifications and requirements all have versions. Conventionally (requirement management in documents), the versions of specifications are identified using the version numbers allocated to the document. Requirements are then identified in relation to their association with a version of a specification. In this case, column 2 need not be filled in.

However, for requirements managed using a dedicated tool, e.g. for Customer requirements, the requirements carry a version number which must be managed by the project.

The text of the requirement is provided in column 3.

Each requirement is awarded a compliance status in column 4: C (Compliant), PC (Partially Compliant), NC (Non-Compliant).

Column 5 is for any comments concerning the indicated status of compliance.

In particular, when compliance has not been achieved, it is useful to mention in this field:

  • the limits of compliance for a requirement with a "PC" status,
  • the level of commitment on behalf of the project for requirements given a status of "PC" or "NC".



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