June 1, 2016

Engineering activities and associated documentation

Activities and Associated Documentation for each phase

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0ABCDEFDocument subjectMnemoFormMnemo
Define the needs in term of functions and contrainst X     Tender specification (CdCF)E-1//
Identify the needs and contrainst involved (particulary with regard to physical and operational environment) XX    Technical need specification (STB)E-2//
Identify the new technologies (components, materials, processes, etc.) to be qualifiedXX     Technology Readiness Level Characterisation (TRL)E-3TRL sheetEF-1 
Provide a definition of the product in accordance with the requirements of the STB  XX   Definition file (DD)E-4//
Describe all the product's interfaces in its environment  XXX  Interface Control File (ICD)E-5//
Define verification activities, including testing  X    Performance Verification Plan (PVP)E-6//
Justify that the concepts and technical solutions selected comply with the STB   XX  Design Justification file (DJD)E-7Definition Justification TableEF-2 
Identify the product's physical characteristics XXXX  Mass and power budgetsE-8Mass budget
Power budget
Establish the conformity to the technical specifications   XX  Compliance matrix: introduction to the formE-9Requirement compliance matrixFM-7
Describe the logic to integrate and test the various models   XX  Assembly, Integration and Testing Plan (AIT)E-10//
Set up and run an integration activity   XX  Integration procedureE-11//
Set up and run a test and then analyse the  results   XX  Test procedure and reportE-12//
Give the insurance to the customer of the good running of the product within its specified environement through the establisment of a qualification process    X  Product qualificationE-13Qualification/Verification MatrixEF-5
Describe and deliver all the ressources associated with the development of the product (testing, handling,.)   XX  AIT deliverablesE-14//
Verify the operational readiness of the system    X  Flight and ground operating manual constrainstE-15//
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