June 1, 2016

Management activities and associated documentation for each phase

Activities and Associated Documentation for each phase

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0ABCDEFDocument subjectMnemoFormMnemo
Define the cooperation agreements X     Memorandum Of
Understanding (MOU)
Prepare for the industrial consultations X     Statement of work (CCTP)M-2//
Define the relation and roles of each entity and partner involved in the project
Define the operating conditions in phase E and F
XXXXXXXProject organization memoM-3//
Define the process for developing and qualifying the product (tasks and reviews) XXX   Development planM-4//
Break the product down into manageable parts X     Product treeM-5//
Identify the tasks to be carried out X     Work breakdown structureM-6Activity sheetFM-1 
Define and follow the task schedule of the project X     Definition and fow-up of the schedulesM-7//
Determine the cost of development and the realed time scheduleXXXXXXXElaboration and monitoring costsM-8Cost sheetFM-2
Identify and manage the documents, define the configuration of the product and how it changes XX    Documentation management plan and configuration management planM-9Change proposal
Change for waiver 
Ensure identification and control of project risks XXXXXXProject risk analysisM-10Project risk sheet
Risk reduction action
Ensure control of the repository project requirements XX    Requirements management planM-11Requirement compliance matrixFM-7
Define the principle for collection and monotoring of project actions XX    Management actionsM-12Action summaryFM-8
Organize the end phase reviewsXXXXXXXOrganization and conduct of reviewsM-13Review Item Discrepancy (RID)
Recommendation sheet
Define the collection and provision of the project feedback      XEnd of project reportM-14//
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