June 15, 2016

Memorandum of Understanding - M-1

Define the agreement for collaboration

A. Scope

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allows two entities (2 laboratories, for instance) to describe a supply with no financial exchange.

An agreement letter supplementing the MOU between the organisations backing the entities will provide details regarding the support for the financial part.

B. Fundamentals

The MOU must define the supply as a whole, all the activities to be conducted (design, manufacturing, assembly, testing) and the components to be delivered.

In particular, details shall be provided about the following:

  • All the equipment to be delivered (hardware, software...)
  • The associated test benches
  • All the requested documentation (engineering, quality, PA plan, RCI, integration)
  • The taking into account of higher-level requirements
  • The schedules, including the identification of milestones and reviews
  • The organisation set up between the two entities to monitor progress and compliance with the milestones and reviews.


C. Operating procedure

The entity receiving the supply shall take part in the milestones and reviews defined to check the progress status.

Reviews will make it possible to reach a decision on the development progress status, and the final acceptance review will allow the delivery of the equipment to be carried out. Should a problem occur, the relevant responsibilities shall be mentioned, in order to analyse the nature of the difficulties and their consequences, and to decide upon the corrective actions to be implemented.

Activities / documentation

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