2016 Update:

Migration of the site GNS towards the institutional site of the CNES.

The new chapters are:

  • Establishing and monitoring schedules - M-7
  • Cleanliness Plan - PA-3
  • Informations on regulations (RoHS, REACH) - PA-6
  • Hazardous material list - PAF-8


The following chapters are still under development and will be available later on:

  • Schedule end cost elaboration and management - M-8
  • Cost management sheet - MF-2


2013 Update:

PA-13 Delivery Inspection Report

2012 Update:

The 2012 update takes into account suggestions and proposals of modifications identified during the survey on the use of the Normative Simplified Guide (GNS) that has been performed at the end of 2010.

The main modifications concerns the following aspects:

  • the reorganization of the management, engineering and product insurance parts by a redistribution of the existing chapters (for example "M-10 Project risk analysis" associated with management rather than with product insurance);
  • the presentation of the engineering standards of the CNES referential (RNC) and an introduction to good practices for design activities;
  • the introduction of chapters dealing with new methodological approaches (requirement management, use of Technology Readiness Levels or TRL);
  • the redefining of the project activities with tables associating the activities and the documents that are expected for each development phase;
  • the review and the corrections, if necessary, of all the existing chapters in the previous version.


The new chapters are:

  • Requirements management plan - M-11
  • Recommendation Sheet - FM-10
  • Technology Readiness Levels or TRL - E-3
  • Technology Readiness Levels - EF-1
  • Compliance Matrix: introduction to the form - I-9
  • Qualification of product - E-13
  • AIT deliverables - E-14
  • Integration Quality Assurance - PA-2
  • Usage Justification File - PA-12


The following chapters are still under development and will be available later on:

  • Time schedule and cost check-list - M-7
  • Cost elaboration and monitoring - M-8
  • Cost management sheet - MF-2
  • Cleanliness Plan - PA-3
  • Information connected to regulation (ROHS, REACH, ...) - PA-6


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