June 15, 2016


The guide is organized into six main parts:


This breakdown makes the information more easily accessible as it is arranged in descending order ”from general to more specific” and there is just one way of arriving at each item of information.

The project implementation section serves as the backbone of the guide, from which stem the various documentations the user has to produce within the framework of a space project. The methodological approach is more process-oriented; it provides a general description of the Management, Engineering and Product Assurance activities, making it possible to link the phases relating to these activities, and to define the documentation that has to be produced.

To help the user quickly locate the documentation, a colour code is used to differentiate Management documentation, Engineering documentation, and Product Assurance documentation.

Documents are labelled:

  • “M” for Management and “MF” for forms specific to Management;
  • “E” for Engineering and “EF” for forms specific to Engineering;
  • “PA” for Product Assurance and “PAF” for forms specific to Product Assurance.
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