June 1, 2016

Product assurance activities and associated documentation

Activities and Associated Documentation for each phase

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0ABCDEFDocument subjectMnemoFormMnemo
Define the measures guaranteeing that the product will perform its functions XX    Product Assurance Plan (PAP)PA-1Technological qualification sheetPAF-1 (ex FI-3)
Define the measures guaranteeing that the integration activities will be performed correctly  XX   Integration Quality Assurance PlanPA-2//
Define the measures guaranteeing the conformity of the requirements related to ground and on bord  molecular and particular contamination  XX   Cleanliness and Contamination Control PlanPA-3//
Identify the technical risks during early phase of the project XXX   Technical Risks Preliminary AnalysisPA-4Preliminary analysis technical risk sheet
Recommendation of action
Check the EEE components, materials and processes used in the product manufacturing   XXX  EEE components, Materials, Processes listsPA-5EEE components list
Declared materials list
Declared mechanical parts list
Declared process list
Take into account the directives connected to the use of hazardous chemical species  XX   Information connected to
 regulation (Rohs, REACH, .)
PA-6Hazardous materials listPAF-8
Determine rules for ensuring a sufficient quality level for software  X    Software qualityPA-7//
Identify and deal with the product's potential failures  XX   Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)PA-8FMECA sheetPAF-9
Justify the application of the margins on EEE components  X    Derating analysisPA-9Derating analysis sheetPAF-10
Demonstrate that the product operates properly in extreme conditions   X    Worst cas analysisPA-10//
Calculate the probabilities of the product operating properly  XXX  Reliability and availability estimatesPA-11//
Justify the ability of the product, its sub-assemblies, materials, EEE components to support the physical and operational environment   XX  Usage Justification FilesPA-12//
Identify the product status at delivery    X  Delivery Inspection ReportPA-13Delivery inspection report
Acceptance meeting
Identify the product status during its lifetime
Follow up on product changes (traceability of versions, anomalies)
    X  Log BookPA-14Log BookPAF-13
Authorize the beginning of the tests    X  Test Readiness ReviewPA-15//
Accept the validity of the tests    X  Test Review BoardPA-16//
Manage and deal with anomalies    X  Anomaly managementPA-17Anomaly reportPAF-14
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