January 16, 2012

Project organisation memo - M-3

Define the interrelation and roles of each entity party involved in the project

A. Scope

The general organisation of the project will be described in a memo drawn jointly by the CNES Project Managers and by all the participants, in order to enable each participant in the project, at any time, to easily identify his contacts at all levels, and to have a clear view of their areas of competence and a clear understanding of his own area of intervention.

This organisation memo shall define everyone's duties, whether they be from CNES and/or from other organisations, along with the role of the entities involved. It shall be approved by the authorised authority, and structured in accordance with the following plan.

The project organisation memo is based on the "RNC-CNES-M-HB-10-502 Etablissement d'un plan d'organisation de programme" RNC document.

B. Typical content

1. Scope of the document

This section defines the purpose of the organisation memo.

2. Project context

Consists of a brief description of the project.

3. Reference documents

These constitute the bibliography that is necessary in order to prepare the organisation memo.

4. Organisation within the project

4.1 Mission of the CNES project team

This paragraph defines the areas under the responsibility of the CNES project team, sets out the allocation of the various responsibilities between the CNES project team and the laboratory, and specifies the relations with the various participants (partners, laboratories, manufacturers...).

4.2 List and respective role of each participant in the CNES project team

In this section, every individual in the CNES project team is identified by name, and his duties and responsibilities stated.

This section is summarised in a breakdown structure.

4.3 Mission of the laboratory project team or other organisations

This section defines the areas of responsibility of the entity project team, and specifies the relations with the various participants (partners, manufacturers...).

4.4 List and respective role of each participant in the laboratory project team or other organisations

As for the CNES project team, every individual is identified in this section by name, and his duties and responsibilities stated.

5. Scientific organisation

This section lists all the PI's and COI's involved in the project, and specifies their area of responsibility.

6. Industrial organisation

Provides information on the manufacturers' involvement, either in project supervision, or in equipment development.

At a technical level, these relations are of a contractual nature, and are governed by the Statement of Work (see CCTP M-2).

7. Relations with external organisations

The purpose of this section is to formalise non-contractual relations: the sharing of responsibilities, and the nature of the expected supplies, at each level of cooperation, will be detailed therein as accurately as possible. Ideally, it should provide an answer to the following questions, irrespective of the level of enquiry:

  • who writes the specifications?
  • who manufactures the product(s)?
  • who checks and inspects the product(s)?

Answers will be provided for the following, respectively:

  • relations with French or foreign laboratories, as defined by Memoranda of Understanding (see MOU M-1) and, more specifically at the development level, by task sheets (see MF-1 Task Sheets);
  • relations with the satellite-customer, as governed by agreements.



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